About 360 Niagara

Panoramic Photography

360 Niagara produces Interactive Panoramas and virtual tours for the web using Photographic and 3D computer generated images. We’ve been producing interactive tours for more than 20 years.

We are past members of the Virtual Reality Photography Association, and are active in promoting and showcasing VR Photography from Toronto and the Niagara area.

Our work is also featured on 360Cities.net where we are an “Expert, Trusted Photographer”, our work is also featured on Google Earth
Clients include: Architects, Golf courses, Mining Companies, Community Organizations, and Entertainers.

New Work
I’ve developed techniques for building Ai virtual art galleries using Skybox and TeliportMe. Virtual Art Galleries can be used to present personal portfolios without having to get permission from an actual gallery, or even having to take a panoramic photograph.

Example Click here

Free Assets – Ai generated virtual galleries
I’m giving away free assets for creating your own tour. If you like or use them, you could Buy me a coffee, or click on the coffee cup icon on the lower right.
You can find the rooms here, they are in png format. If you wish to work on them in Photoshop, the pictures have clear backgrounds so you can paste pictures in behind the base layer. Affinity Photo is highly recommended because it supports a 360 working environment.
I’ve created a Youtube Playlist that will demonstrate the process.

Examples of our work

Free Art Day This scene mapped on a Dodecahedron will be dropped on the street for Free Art Day Mar 12, 2024

Toronto Scenes Shot at 11k width with a DSLR and panohead.

Digital Golf – Our highest quality work for the web. 20K pixels or more width, shot with a DSLR and robotic panorama head to deal with challenging lighting situation. This golf simulation facility in Niagara Falls has mixed lighting and large brightness differences.

Château de Rully, near Rully, France. This series was shot with a Ricoh Theta Z1. Panoramas shot with the Z1 are great for crowd scenes and dynamic shots where stitched panoramas are difficult.

13th Street Winery – 12K width interactive tour