What’s an interactive panorama?
An interactive panorama is a view of everything around you. Visualize yourself inside a sphere that you can navigate. Interactive Panoramas are also called VR Panoramas, 360° panoramas or 360 by 180 panoramas. Read more on Wikipedia.

What can I use interactive panoramas for?
Interiors, Exteriors, Events, Weddings, Sports, anything where you want to present an immersive experience on the web.

What’s the process?
The equipment consists of a digital camera, wide angle lens, tripod, panoramic head and leveling devices, and remote triggers. Six or more images are shot of everything in all directions. Back in the studio we assemble and retouch the image with specialized software. The completed panorama is then prepared for the web and hosted by us, delivered electronically, or provided on a CD.

Are your panoramas as good as those on Google Earth Streetview?
Much better. We create higher resolution images with more precise equipment and spend more time producing seamless views. Ours can be blown up to full screen and enlarged to see finer detail

What’s a virtual tour?
Interactive panoramas are single panoramas, virtual tours are several panoramas linked together and navigated by a map or menu.

What makes for a good panorama?
The best panoramas have something interesting in all directions. We don’t like setting up next to a featureless wall, and we prefer skies with clouds to gray overcast days. Almost anything that makes for a good conventional photograph usually works for a panorama.

How many of these have you done?
Thousands using photography and CGI since 1998. For Freedom Oaks Golf Club alone we shot over 300 separate images which were processed into 36 interactive panoramas navigated from a map.

Do I need special software to view panoramas?
No, our panoramas can be viewed by almost anyone with a broadband connection.

Can I see them on my iPhone or ipad?
Yes. We provide panoramas for iPhones, iPods and iPads

Do I need a website to use your services?
No. We can host the panoramas for you on our own server, or on 360Cities.net. If you do have your own website, we deliver all the necessary files for uploading.

Can I link to your panoramas on 360Cities.net?
Yes, for non-commercial purposes. For commercial use there is a licensing fee.

Is the internet the only way to enjoy panoramas?
No. Our iPhone panoramas can be viewed off-line, or we can publish to a CD/DVD.

What does it cost?
A single panorama ready to publish on the web starts at $125. A Virtual Tour with map and 18 views would be about $4000. However, all projects must be evaluated and are quoted individually.