Interactive Panoramas and streaming high resolution images

CGI or “computer generated images”. No photography is involved.

Our work for Inco included: a detailed digital terrain, satellite images, and 3D models of the mine pit, processing facility, airport and seaport. The resulting images and interactive panoramas were used for internal presentations and agency approvals.


High Definition streaming images published to the web

Our streaming HD images can be zoomed and panned allowing viewers to view the finest details, something not possible with a static single image on the web.

Perspective Matching 3D computer models matched perfectly to a photographic background

For the TTC in Toronto, we created images of the yet to be built LRT station at Kennedy Road. A 3D computer model was created and place into photographs taken at the location.

Panoramic photography to capture an existing scene.

Our photography projects involve shooting complete spherical views and publishing interactive panoramas to the web. The results can be viewed on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. This immersive experience attracts more visitors to your website and holds their attention longer.

Virtual Tours

A series of linked Interactive panoramas that the viewer can navigate and control

Image Services


Computer generated images of Products, Buildings and Structures that don’t exist, or are inaccessible.

Image Restoration

Using state of the art graphic software we can recover detail and colour, and repair damage to old or torn pictures.


Websites and Panorama Hosting

Using custom and off-the-shelf web technology we create a website for you that you can manage yourself. If you can create a spreadsheet or use a word processor you can manage your own content.

For Interactive Panoramas we can even host the images for you so that you can provide links in emails or on Facebook. You don’t require a website.